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Spray Paint ArthpbJ62Hola Amigo,

I’ll get right to the point. This is not your normal learn to paint site. If you’re looking to spend years of your life to learn techniques everybody already knows then move on. This site can teach you something VERY different, VERY powerful.

My name is Alisa Amor and I am about to show you some of the most powerful and ingenious painting techniques known only to an elite group of Mexican street artists until now. So make sure you pay close attention because they paint FAST!

  Spray Paint Art

Spray Paint Artist

You see, I worked with these artists in Puerto Vallarta Mexico for 15 years. With the techniques they taught me, I was able to easily support myself as an artist and muralist.

During this time we co-created even more advanced and tricky quick painting techniques.

These enabled us to do murals, portraits and gallery work in record time and to have lots of free time left for…whatever artists do with free time in paradise!

Spray Art

You can now become a member of Spray Paint Art Secrets and learn to become a master of Spray Paint Art

If your ready to become a master of spray paint art and begin painting with spray paint, successfully selling your artwork and exhibiting in art galleries, or just really enjoying your new hobby and learning to paint in a way that’s really fun for you, this is the most important letter you have ever read. Here’s why….

 Fast Spray Paint ArtYou’re going to learn all about the breakthrough street art program that will transform you into a skilled and fast spray paint artist who can fascinate an audience in the street and make the kind of paintings that really shine, draw attention, and sell like hotcakes.

The kind of spray paint artist who can create a whole galaxy in just minutes as a hobby or for a living.

Spray PaintingI want you to experience what it’s like to do a painting with spray paint in just 5 minutes using only plates, spray paint and newspaper.

To feel the flow as you improvise to your favorite music and know very naturally just what you need to do to create that painting the way you imagine it.

spray paint happyTo hear the crowd applauding you and telling you how amazing you are as you show your work.

To feel the satisfaction of knowing you can paint anything you want with skill and style. To feel the thrill of selling your artwork on streets, in galleries and as a professional artist.

Those good feelings of showing your work to others and hearing those ooohs and aaahs.

How To Spray PaintAre you wasting your valuable time trying to figure out the basics by yourself ?

Are you tired of having to put in so much time to learn to just be able to paint what you want?

Are you frustrated by street art “instruction” videos that don’t tell you the real secrets?

Are you confused about which materials you need to create the effects you really want?

Are you sick of fighting with your spray paints and newspaper, feeling like you are getting nowhere?

Are you tired of knowing you could do so much better if you only had some help!

Spray Paint Art Video

Introducing the Spray Paint Art Secrets home study and coaching program.Your Golden Ticket to total success with street art.

Spray Painting Art Techniques

Spray Painting Artist


My name is Alisa Amor. I was hitchhiking through Mexico on a break from college at the age of 20 when I met Gerardo Amor, one of the inner circle of inventors of spray paint art

Spray Paint TechniquesGerardo and I fell in love at first sight, without the benefit of understanding each others language. Gerardo amazed me when he showed me what he could do with his spray cans….among other things.

As we became close, he introduced me to a way of life I never knew existed. The underground culture of the street artists of Mexico with their closely guarded secrets of spray paint art.

Spray Paint Art Tips

These were people who had left the traditional models of the daily grind to live a life filled with art, joy, pleasure and fun.

Their days were filled with adventure and at night, they would paint on the boardwalks of the tourist towns and sell their artwork very successfully.

They were making more money than most of the people with regular jobs in their area and they were having an amazing time!

Living every day to the fullest!

Spray Paint DesignsI watched them improvise impossible scenes as they painted at home or for the tourist audiences at night.

I decided to leave school to begin a very different type of education.

I met, partied with, and learned from many of the original spray paint artists.

I began to invent my own tricks and styles and to sell my artwork to the tourists.

We also began to do larger works such as murals and paintings on canvas for galleries.

Spray Paint ArtistGerardo and I began to travel in the summers, which is the rainy season in Mexico.

We would go to different places in the US to paint on the streets and in fairs.

We did some work for art galleries as well.

We were usually very successful in these endeavors and returned to Mexico with enough money to continue our happy lifestyle.

Amazing Spray Paint ArtOver the years we have taught few people, only those who we thought we could trust with our secrets. After all, if this information got out, we might have too much competition! There was an semi-unspoken agreement among the original inventors that these secrets were not for the masses.

Spray Paint Techniques


Painting With Spray PaintWell, the unfortunate reality is that in the last few years, drug related violence in Mexico has increased.

Because of this terrible political situation, the flood of tourists has become a trickle and my friends, the spray paint artists in Mexico are struggling for the first time.                                      

Besides that, now most of the original painters are nearing 60! Now they want to focus on other larger artistic endeavors and projects.


Spray Paint ClassesSadly, Gerardo and I split up about 5 years ago but remain the best of friends.

I am worried about him because he, of all the artists, most loved and depended on the streets for his livelihood.

So, I convinced him to record these classes for you. To finally reveal the secrets of his amazing technique so that the next generation could learn and benefit from his experience.

So that they could come to know this incredible teacher and his influence and work. To no longer be underground!

Spray Paint Art Tutorial

After a while he began to like the idea and agreed to record these videos and to finally reveal his secrets.

Perhaps our misfortune has turned out to be for your benefit!

Life is mysterious. Perhaps it’s all for the best. We hope the silver lining is that it is also the next step in the evolution of spray paint art.

For the first time ever, these techniques are being made available to everyone who wants to learn.                               

We are sharing our best techniques, our most closely guarded secrets with the world and we hope that you will learn from our experience and then continue to evolve and perfect the technique yourself!


Here is a partial list of what you will learn when you join Spray Paint Art Secrets today:




spray paint art 7

Spray ArtDownload our 116 page book “Secrets of Mexico” which contains so much I can’t even describe it in this sentence! Lists of materials, safety issues and solutions, illustrated instructions on how to paint a multitude of effects and scenes…. plus   Watch Gerardo Amor explain and demonstrate how to create 3-D planets and powerful space scenery. Detailed video lessons demonstrate newspaper and spatula techniques that let you draw anything freehand and make it look cool. (and so much more) Spray Painting plus Watch Alisa Amor guide you through a basic nature scene that will get you well on the road to creating any kind of landscape art you desire in minutes. Waterfall Paintings plus Follow along as Alisa and Gerardo guide you through an easy yet totally impressive beginners painting called the “Blue Ocean” that will amaze your friends and family when they see what you have painted. Spray Paint Art YouTube

spray paint art 8

Gerardo Amor shows you how to create cosmic and earth type skies with different kinds of clouds. Many light and galactic effects are discussed. Spray Paint Art Tips   plus Learn another impressive beginner painting step by step. This time you learn to paint a pyramid in front of a planet in brilliant golden tones. The sky is cosmic style. Spray Paint Art For Beginners plus Alisa guides you through a multitude of paintings and skills including a jungle waterfall, spray paint roses, magic mushrooms, sliding newspaper techniques, and a light on dark style painting.

Professional Painting Tips

plus Gerardo Amor guides you step by step through a complete painting called “the Cavern” which will show you a number of planet and newspaper techniques put together in an awesome painting. Spray Paint Art Video

spray paint art 9

This months focus is on advanced techniques and waves plus a cool spiral galaxy technique. Alisa teaches you how to draw any kind of wave you want so that you can paint a variety of ocean scenes quickly and easily. Gerardo guides you through a complete space painting and teaches you how to use all your new skills together for best effect.Painting With Spray Paint Artists

spray paint art 10

Each month you will get at least 5 new videos from Alisa, Gerardo, and others teaching you the secrets of spray paint art. We make new videos and share techniques and ideas about things that inspire us and also we make videos to answer your questions.

Spray Painting Artist

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Spray Paint Masking Techniques

Start experiencing the results you deserve and become a member of Spray Paint Art Secrets of Mexico

Order Now and Start Learning in 5 Minutes!

  • $27/Month
  • Basic Membership
    at least 5 Videos a month
    +Secrets of Mexico e-book
    +1 coaching session
  • $47
  • Exclusive
    Waves, Water, Underwater!
    Everthing you need to know to paint
    the ocean, waterfalls, dolphins
    and much much more!
    17 Exclusive Videos for $47
  • $147
  • The Gold Package
    full access to everything!
    For One Full Year!
    +3 coaching sessions
    11 acrylic setup videos

The best option is to sign up for the Gold Year membership.

With this option you will receive at least 5 new videos on spray paint art techniques each month + “Secrets of Mexico” Ebook +, you can watch and download every single video on the site.

(There are many many months of content available only to Gold Members.)

You will have total access to ALL the videos posted before you joined. (5 or more each month since October 2011) + you will have continuous access to ALL of them for One Year. That way if you want to find a particular video it will always be there!

Gold Members get 3 coaching sessions with Alisa or Gerardo Amor by Email or Skype.+You get the 11 acrylic setup videos! (How to do spray paint art with an airbrush)

Spray Paint Designs

Basic Membership includes at least 5 new spray paint art instructional videos a month + “Secrets of Mexico” book + one coaching session with Alisa or Gerardo Amor by email or skype + the content of the current month.

You will have continual online access to completed modules up to module 3.

Please remember to download any content, you wish to keep because new content will change each month.

Acrylic Paintings

I’ve just added an option for those spray painters who are interested in learning how to do waves, waterfalls, and underwater paintings.

You can buy these 17 videos and learn everything you need to know about painting waves and any kind of water. Included are videos showing how to paint dolphins and jellyfish!

Underwater Paintings

Waterfall Paintings

If you are interested in learning how to do spray paint art with a cheap airbrush, check it out here!  www.AirbrushPaintingSecrets.com

No risk purchase with 60 day no-questions refund policy,with all the support you need to learn all this really cool stuff.

I’m always here if you have questions along the way.

Just email me at spraypaintartsecrets@gmail.com if you ever need anything. (my name is Alisa) And I’ll be very happy to hear from you and help you with whatever you need.

This is an entirely online product.

Videos are easy to stream or download.  

They are windows media and mp4 format.  You will be able to play them with most computer’s video players.  

You can also download the videos and write them to a DVD if you wish.

As soon as you purchase your membership and register, you will have access to all the videos in your product.

Basic members get access to new content every 30 days from the day they joined. All files are easily downloadable. This is an entirely online information product. Please note that the Basic membership is a monthly subscription (like a magazine).

Please contact Alisa at spraypaintartsecrets@gmail.com with any questions.

Muchas Gracias! Spray Paint Artist


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