Hola Amigo,

Here’s a fun video for you to enjoy. I am spray painting a waterfall.

I love soft pastel colors and natural looking rocks. I’ll be adding those plus a fun sunburst at the top.

There are some great spray paint art techniques in this video. We use only simple tools. Mostly we use newspaper. If you want to learn more about using newspaper as a painting tool, check this out!

Become the artist of your dreams while having fun!

Check out our classes and this months previews:


For airbrush fans:


If you have any questions, I’m here to help you, just hit reply!

Hasta Pronto….

See you inside,

Alisa Amor

    2 replies to "Watch me spray paint a waterfall: Full Video"

    • Willie Simpson

      We Love Lisa; Thank You; those~tools- were bits of paper or sponge ~ right?

      • alisaamor


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