Hola Amigo,

It’s fun to experiment with different kinds of sponges and wash clothes. Explore the dish washing and cosmetic sections of your department store or supermarket to find sponges and wash cloths with unique textures. 

Take some time to look at landscape paintings whenever you see them. In many paintings you will usually notice that some of the plants and trees are made with different shapes and patterns of dots. 

The more options and control you have of the paint that you can apply to your work, the better your paintings look! That’s why it’s good to keep an eye out for sponges, washcloths and other texture tools wherever you find yourself. 

Here is one wonderful find. It’s a kind of washcloth I found in a Mexican supermarket and it’s called a Fregon washcloth. The good thing about this one is that it has tiny plastic loops everywhere. I’ve seen shower exfoliators in the US that have similar plastic loops. These are good when you want an evenly distributed and controllable source of dots or splotches. 

This washcloth makes wonderful galaxies and stars. It’s also great for waves. 

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