Hola Amigo, Sometimes you want a magic spray paint art technique. Something you can use to make your art look amazing without doing much work. Something to help you get over the creative hump or fix a boring painting. . Here are 3 techniques that will do it for you.

1 Applied Planets.

What are applied planets? It almost sounds like a college course. Actually, it’s just a planet that you apply. Usually with a piece of newspaper.

Usually you will lay down a base color, it could be anything. Then on a piece of newspaper you add some colors, crinkle the paper and brush it across your base color creating a pattern. There are lots of variations! This month we do a simple spray paint art black and white applied planet to get you started.spray paint art applied planet

2 Makeup Sponge Fog.

All spray paint brands are different and can create different spray paint art effects. One area where Comex was great was making natural looking nebulas. Many brands don’t do that. But here’s how to get the effect with any brand. You can use make up sponges. They can pick up very thin layers of paint and put them on paper. This is great for fading the edges of a nebula or galaxy out in the exact shape you want. We go over this in this months videos.

spray paint art makeup sponge fog

3 Applied Galaxies.

The same techniques you used to make the planet are perfect for making complex galaxies in a stroke. You can also do this with regular acrylic paints mixed with water! This adds complexity and beauty to any painting.

spray paint art applied galaxy


Have fun and play as you create. If this crazy year has taught me anything, it’s to enjoy the moment. I hope you will enjoy it also and count your fun as an achievement.  As they say in Mexico. Nobody can take away what you have already danced!

I hope this has been helpful! If you have questions, comments, any thing you need, please email me, Alisa Amor, at [email protected]


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