Become an Affiliate

Q:  What is an Affiliate?

A:  An affiliate is someone who makes money by promoting a product made by someone else.


Q:  Why become an affiliate of Spray Paint Art Secrets?

A:  You can make lots of money with very little effort.  You only need to put a link on a webpage.


Q: Who can become an affiliate of Spray Paint Art Secrets?

A:  Anybody can be our affiliate, but if you are a spray paint artist, sell spray paint materials, or have a popular art website or Youtube channel,  you are in the best position to make some extra cash in this easy free way.


For Artists: When you sell your work, often there are many people looking that do not buy. Sometimes sales are good, sometimes not. Wouldn't it be nice to make extra cash every time you perform as a painter or exhibit? Wouldn't it be great to come home from painting and find out that you had made several hundred dollars without doing anything at all? What about on days that you aren't even painting on the streets! Imagine what you could do with that money!

As a spray painter you are in a special position where this is actually really easy to do. You already have the perfect clients...the people who gather to watch you work. These people are already interested in Spray Paint Art. All you need to do is point them toward Spray Paint Art Secrets and you can earn half of all membership sales that you make.That can be quite a lot! One Gold membership is $147, so if even one person makes a purchase, that's an extra $73

For Art Companies: You already have the right people visiting your site! Now all you need to do is include a hoplink on one of your pages.  Easy!  Include a hoplink on a page selling videos to begin to add to your bottom line with almost no effort.  You can link it to one of the pictures below. (scroll all the way down the page)

For Art Website and Youtube Channels: You are in a great position to earn money without doing very much. All you need to do is put a hoplink to Spray Paint Art Secrets in a good spot on your website or Youtube channel to begin to earn money from sales. For example you could make a video showing people what they could learn from Spray Paint Art Secrets and include your hoplink in the description field. You could write a piece on spray paint art in your blog and include your hoplink. You could keep it simple and just include your hoplink in the description box of a popular video.  The options are as limitless as your imagination.


It's quick and easy to get started.

Just follow the steps below to begin to earn money now!

1: First go to www.clickbank.comand sign up as an affiliate. They have some nice tutorials that make this quick and easy.

2: Then search on “spray paint art” in the marketplace area. (To get there click on the marketplace tab in the horizontal menu at the top of the page.)

A form will appear. Fill in the form with your clickbank username and whatever label you wish to put on your campaign.

4: Clickbank will give you a link. It is called a “hoplink” Put this hoplink on whatever page you wish, you can create a new page for it, or just link to a picture (I provide several below) .

Clickbank also gives you a picture of a barcode (the kind cellphones can read) copy this to your desktop (we will use it in a minute)



Congratulations! You will now earn 50% of all sales made from your link!



If you are an artistpainting for an audience, you will probably want to create a flyer(I include one below) to give out to people to send them to your link.

I have made this as easy as possible.  Just download the flyer belowand cut and paste in your own website URL. You can do this with Photoshop or just with scissors,paper, and scotch tape.

You can edit this file with Photoshop or you can download the jpeg image and edit it by physically pasting in your own website and cellphone barcode. Feel free to make any changes you wish or to create your own flyer

Make copies of it and give it to people!  Leave it in galleries and cafes...whatever you think people would be interested in a free painting lesson.

People who have watched you paint or want to buy spray paint materials will naturally be interested in getting a free lesson and will visit your link.

Whatever they purchase there, you get half. That can add up quite nicely!

Here are some other images that may be useful for your web page.