Let’s talk about beginner spray paint art. Once you are set up, what do you paint first?

Planets, definitely planets. That’s why next month is planet month. I’m going to review the many different types of planets that you can paint. It’s a great way to start because it’s fun and easy and the skills you learn will help you paint skies, land and so much more.

So what kinds of planets are we going to paint? Check these out

There are planets that are made with plates and bowls, others with circle cut outs. There are planets textured with newspaper, plastic, posterboard and more. 

beginner spray paint art drips planet
drips planet plus nebula

Gerardo Amor was a master of planet painting. I learned the most important spray paint art techniques as a beginner from him. He was a deeply spiritual person and painting planets for him was a way of being in touch with the universe that he felt was actually inside of him. Each planet for him had layers and depth. He painted very carefully and in a relaxed way. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything as beautiful as his planets. 

beginner spray paint art blue spiral
blue spiral applied planet

I’m going to explain some of his techniques in the new planet videos. I hope you will think of him and send him good thoughts and love when you use his techniques. 

beginner spray paint art black and white Saturn
black and white Saturn

Here is a beautiful blue green orange planet. It’s my favorite one.

beginner spray paint art Gerardo green
Gerardo’s green planets

The simplest planet to start with is the simple blue and white planet.

beginner spray paint art blue planet
Gerardo blue planet

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