Spray paint art is the perfect quarantine hobby. 

First of all, I recommend using water based spray paints, which are very safe. This way you can share this hobby with your kids if you want to. 

Reason #1:

This is a perfect outdoor hobby. You can paint on a rooftop, city street, park, driveway, anywhere you can find a small spot to set up. Of course you can also paint indoors if you have a spray booth and breathing protection. You can check out this page for more suggestions. https://spraypaintartsecrets.com/safety-and-ventilation/

Spray paint art will give you the perfect reason to find your own little spot and focus in.

Reason #2:

Results come fast! The techniques used for painting planets are very simple. Most students can paint gorgeous planets in a few days! There is a free video that teaches planet painting techniques on the website https://spraypaintartsecrets.com

If you feel stuck, just email me at [email protected] with a pic and I can hopefully get you un-stuck.

Reason #3:

Kids love it! As long as you are using non toxic water based spray paints (see our materials list for details) and painting in an outdoor or well ventilated space, this hobby is great for kids. They are fascinated and will become wonderful artists if you let them play.

Please please never use solvent based paint with children!!!

Reason #4:

Most of the materials you need are found around the house. We use things like kitchen sponges, plates, newspaper, Windex, soap, strainers, plastic bags and many more common household objects to create these stunning effects! Other tools can be found at a department or hardware store.

I’ve been wondering about using Amazon packaging, has anybody found a use for it?

Reason #5:

It’s hypnotic. Time flies when you do spray paint art. Before you know it, you will realize that you have been painting and learning for hours and you forgot to worry. 

Sometimes I try to paint universes that I’d like to visit or create.

What do you think? How is spray paint art helping you deal with quarantine? -Alisa

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