Coaching -FAQ-

Coaching FAQ


Q What is a coaching session?

A Basically you have questions and we've got answers (most of the time anyway). 1 session equals about a half hour of Alisa or Gerardo's time answering an email or chatting on Skype or by phone call (you call her at a specific time). We recommend that you show us pictures of your work rather than trying to explain in send your pics to before your session. If you can send your questions by email before a Skype or phone call, that will give us a chance to think about them and give you better answers.


Q What if we want Gerardo specifically or Alisa specifically?

A Just email Alisa at with your request and we will do our best to satisfy it.


Q Why can't I get Gerardo on the phone?

A Gerardo doesn't have a phone and he speaks Spanish. If you speak Spanish, you can chat with him online but he prefers email because he has to travel 1 hour to get to the internet cafe and answer your questions and sometimes things just happen...that's Mexico.


Q If Gerardo speaks Spanish, how will he answer my email?

A He speaks enough English to understand and answer most emails, but you could help by making your questions as clear as possible.


Q Hablas Español tu Alisa?

A Claro que si. Hablame en Español si quieres.


Q How many coaching sessions do I get?

A Basic members get 1, Gold Members get 3. If you were basic and upgraded to Gold after 2 or more months of membership you get 1+3=4.


Q What if I want more coaching?

A I'll be adding coaching lessons and hands on lessons for sale soon. For now if you want more coaching, just ask and we will work something out.

Q What do I do if my question wasn't answered here?

A Just email Alisa at and she will be happy to answer it and perhaps add it to the FAQ also.