Planets and space painting can make us imagine what it would be like to be in another place and time where anything is possible. Most of you already know that you can paint beautiful planets by using spray paint art techniques. The shadow and the highlight along with the texture make the difference between a planet that looks cartoon-like and one that could be in a fantasy universe. 

So, what is a shadow and what is a highlight? Also, where do you put them? Is it always in the same place?

A shadow is generally a darker color and a highlight is generally a brighter color. However, like all rules, this one is also designed to be broken. But let’s start simple.

Generally, shadows are darker, transparent colors. Black is the classic shadow but you can also use any transparent color as a secondary shadow. You would fade from blue to black for example. Or maybe purple to blue to black.

A highlight is generally bright. It could be ivory, white, yellow or a brighter version of any color…pink for example. 

Often adding white and a transparent color on top makes a sophisticated highlight.

Shadow and light doesn’t always go in the same place. Check out some possibilities here:

Want to learn more? Check out our video tutorials!

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