What makes spray paint art look professional? There are so many factors! But one really important one is presentation.

Presentation is not just about the frame. It’s also about your materials and one thing that many people don’t think about very much. The way the light reflects on your painting.

When you paint on shiny paper, your work is all shiny. That can work with some themes but if you go to a gallery, you will notice that things are not usually super shiny or slick. They have some kind of texture. Some of the paint reflects the light, some have texture, some absorb the light.

If you want to sell your spray paint art work, having all these different kinds of paint helps a lot! The same painting can look bad on cheap paper and professional on the right kind of surface.

What’s the cheapest way to have a professional-looking painting? Cheap watercolor paper prepared with gesso and acrylic paint or gloss.

I’ll talk about some other things you can do to create all these different effects in another email. Stay tuned!

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