Spray Paint Art For Beginners
A Quick Start Guide

So, you watched some spray paint art and you want to learn. Where do you start? What materials do you need?

Here's how you can get a quick start:

The first thing to think about is what kind of paint you will paint with.

Then you need to think about paper.

After than you can deal with the details, plates, painting tools etc.

Spray Paint Cans

Let's start with paint.

It's easy to find spray paint at a hardware store, but you should be aware that the paint sold there is full of harmful solvents like toluliene and xylene. It's also not artist quality paint. It may look good, but with time, it won't be guaranteed to not fade in the sun.

Most of the spray paint that's sold for graffiti artists is much lower in harmful solvents. Some use only acetone which is not nearly as dangerous. There are even water based cans (That's what I use) This is the kind of paint that can look good on the street or on a gallery wall.

It is a pain to get your cans online, but you will have a much easier time creating great art and you will stay healthy. Some companies will allow you to create a wholesale account and give you great prices for buying in bulk. I get my cans for less then $5 each!

Please check out our materials list for reviews of many popular brands of spray paint.



OK, on to paper. The paper you use is super important. Paper that doesn't have a seal or a gloss will not work because it will absorb the paint and not let you work with it. Poster board is the classic choice but if you want to get your work into galleries, consider prepared canvas paper, water color paper or yupo.

If you do use posterboard, consider getting it from a local digital printer shop. They can usually give you better choices then generic poster boards.

Tools and Tricks

You will also need something to paint on. I use a wooden board.

You will need some way to make sure you are not inhaling any paint dust or vapors. Here are some options:


Then there are lots of tools and house hold objects that are useful to work with the paint. I've got lots of information about those in the materials list. Please check that out to get some ideas. Don't feel you need to get everything! Maybe start with just plates, palette knives and newspaper.

We have a free video by Gerardo Amor that shows you how to get started making planets. If you haven't already downloaded it, please get it here by putting your email in the form.

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