What are the most important spray paint art techniques?


If you are just getting started with spray paint art, you may wonder, what are the most important spray paint art techniques? The ones that will give you the most progress and best results?

When I learned from Gerardo Amor back in the day, he taught me to focus on planets, land and skies. But there is so much more now! We also have waves, abstract art skills, spatula technique, trees, nebula effects and so much more. There are over 400 videos on different spray paint art skills in the membership area. It’s a little bit like drinking from a fire hose.

So where do you start? What is the best use of your time?

If you are a super beginner, definitely start with planets. This month we have some wonderful planet painting tutorials in the membership area. Start there!

If you feel pretty comfortable painting planets, you could go classic and work on your newspaper techniques or you could continue to explore space painting and start learning simple nebulas. I think these are really fun because you can get great results with a combination of tools including foam (like from an old foam mattress) decorator stencils and Windex window cleaner mixed with paint. If you are using solvent based paint you would use the transparent paint of whatever brand you are using as long as it also contains solvents.

It’s really fun to play with nebulas because with these tools, you can make them look really natural!

Once you have mastered that, my recommendaton would be to start to play with landscape tools such as the Italian landscape tool, different texture tools, and your fan brush. Just experiment with one dark color at first on a blank piece of paper to get a sense of the shapes and textures you can make.

I mention many texture tools in the materials list and inside the membership area we have many videos in the resources section to teach you about all the fun things you can play with.

I hope this post helps you figure out where to start and what is next! If you have any questions, as always, feel free to email me at [email protected]

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