Well, it’s really cold here! But it’s beautiful out there. Maybe it’s the kind of beauty that is best appreciated behind a scarf or over a hot cocoa. Here, the freezing rain fell and solidified on the pine needles and the firs. It reminded me why I love spray paint art tools like make up sponges and the Italian landscape tool. What does this have to do with winter?

Wait what? Well, let me explain. Here’s a picture from my walk today. Do you notice how the ice makes each pine needle thicker? I love that!

spray paint art pine

Now check out the makeup sponge effect. I think it looks similar.

spray paint art tool

Now check out this fir, the curve of the branches. I added some red lines so you can see it clearly.

spray paint art firspray paint art fir 2

It’s a curved shape with lots of texture. Here is the shape the Italian landscape tool makes.


You can see why this spray paint art tool is great for making trees.

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