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Spray Paint Art Lessons

Our spray paint video tutorials teach old and new spray paint art tricks. We are blessed to have videos of Gerardo Amor, one of the original Mexican spray paint artists, the inventor of many beautiful ways of painting planets and galaxies with a spray can, inspiration and love.  His spray art video tutorials are in the first 3 modules that come with either the Basic or Gold membership. This is the very best of spray painting for beginners. Gerardo is an amazing teacher.

Also featured are over 400 videos by Alisa Amor and a few by Paloma Coronado. These videos teach newer spray paint painting techniques that have been evolved in recent years. There are some classic spray paint art tricks that are useful for painting portraits, waves, and just about anything you can imagine. All spray paint art techniques explained in our videos are also useful for other kinds of painting such as airbrush, acrylic and as the underpainting for oils.

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Basic Membership
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    • +At least 5 New Videos a month
    • +Secrets of Mexico e-book
    • +1 coaching session
    • +Learn all Basic Skills with Gerardo Amor

    Please note, this is a monthly membership

    This membership is perfect for getting started. You will learn all the basic skills as taught by Gerardo Amor. In addition you will receive 5 new video lessons each month that teach intermediate skills. You can upgrade to Gold at a discount from inside the membership area!

    Check out some of the paintings and skills that you will learn in the Basic Membership.

    Waves, Water, and Underwater
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        • +Waves, Water, Underwater!
        • +Everything you need to know to paint the ocean, waterfalls, dolphins and much much more!
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        • +Bonus Dolphin Painting Video Included!

      This package is perfect for those interested in the hard to find themes of waves, water and underwater painting. You will learn how to paint ocean scenes, how to create the effect of falling water using transparent and color, and how to paint a convincing under water scene complete with rays of light and coral. A bonus video shows you how to paint realistic looking dolphins in minutes.

      Check out some of the paintings and skills that you will learn in the Waves, Water and Underwater package.

      Gold Year
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          • +Full access to Spray Paint Art Techniques Library
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          • +Airbrush Setup Videos
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        This Year long membership gives you access to our spray paint art video library of over 400 tutorials. Every video about spray paint that we have ever published is in this collection. Everything is easy to download so that you can keep it forever. As a courtesy, the Airbrush Setup Videos are also included. You will also receive any new spray paint videos we publish. Usually that is 5 per month.

        Check out some of the paintings and skills that you will learn in the Gold Membership. We obviously could fit all the 400 video lessons in this preview! Everything in the Basic and Waves, Water and Underwater memberships are included in the Gold membership.

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        Learn to Paint Galaxies, Nebulas and Spirals

        Galaxies, Nebulas, and Spirals
          Download My Videos
          • Purchase Galaxies, Nebulas and Spirals
          • 19 Amazing Spray Paint Art Lesson Videos

          Check out some of the paintings and skills that you will learn in the Galaxy, Nebula and Spirals tutorials.

          Learn to Use Spray Paint Art Techniques With Your Airbrush

          We recommend non-toxic, water based spray paints and exploring new ways to use your spray paint art skills.

          All the painting techniques we teach can be accomplished with non-toxic safe materials. You can use these unique techniques in whatever kind of art you most enjoy whether that is oils, acrylics, airbrush or mixed media.

          Check out our airbrush lessons here http://airbrushpaintingsecrets.com


          Professional spray paint art
          advice for your projects

          We know how important it is to get good advice when you are working on an artistic project. Knowing the right materials and techniques can make or break the artistic experience for you and your art. Trust us to give you great ideas and advice when needed.  You can email Alisa with your artistic questions at [email protected]

          You bring the curiosity – We’ll do the rest.

          Landscape, Space, Flowers and lots more!

          Our spray paint art tutorials are relaxing and inspirational. We teach a wide variety of skills and themes that you can use in your own unique way.

          Unique and Classic Painting Effects

          Learn techniques taught by Gerardo Amor, one of the original spray paint artists of Mexico plus new techniques taught by Alisa Amor. We have a library of over 400 tutorials so you can find everything you need!

          Take out the hassle.

          Need additional info about our lessons? Just ask me, Alisa Amor about it.

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