I get many emails from spray paint artists asking me about paper. The second most common question is “what colors should I buy”. So I will help you out!

Here is a list of the most basic colors you will need. This is a great “getting started with spray paint art” list.

White, black, yellow, orange, red, dark blue, medium green, transparent blue, transparent black, clear.

This list will let you do all the basic effects plus start to experiment with shading.



If you want more options here is the intermediate list of spray paint art colors.This will allow you to paint illustration type art as well!

White, black, yellow, orange, red, transparent (or fluorescent or metallic) red, light blue, dark blue, transparent (or fluorescent or metallic) blue, dark green, light green, brown, purple, pink, clear, semi transparent black and white.

Want to get even more advanced? Here are some colors you can add for the advanced spray paint art list:

Transparent (fluorescent or metallic) purple, green, and yellow. Ivory. Light pink. Burgundy. Medium blue. Leaf green. Golden green, Turquoise.



Of course you can and should add any colors you enjoy!


Make sure to have about 6 black and 4 white for each 20 colors you buy to do most spray paint art effects. You will also need clear coat for several things like glossing your painting and loosening up the paint for solvent based work.

Hope that helps!-Alisa


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