Get a $50 coupon and help me out!

At the request of several students, I am trying something new. Many artists just can't afford the classes they want and asked me for help. After some thought, I came up with this idea. We can do a trade.

What I really need is help spreading the word about Spray Paint Art Secrets video lessons. In exchange for your help, I offer you a sweet coupon towards the videos you most desire. (Good for 1 product)  

You get a word with each share. They will form a sentence. Send that sentence to me at [email protected] with a request for what you would like to buy. You can use the coupon to purchase 1 thing or as a discount for a product that costs more.

This is something new for me and I don't know if I set this thing up right. If you encounter any issue, or have a question, you can email me, Alisa,  at [email protected], so I can fix it.  Thanks for helping me try this new idea and I hope you enjoy your $50 coupon!

I may or may not leave this up depending on how things go, so please make sure to take advantage of it!

Share and Refer to earn a $50 coupon

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