Are you getting set up to paint? If you have questions about what to do, let me know. It will help me know what will help you the most. I’ll answer your questions in a blog post. So, just hit reply and tell me all about it!

Meanwhile, I’ll answer some questions that I got from an airbrush student.

How do you avoid your airbrush paint drying really fast?

If you use a conventional airbrush to do spray paint art effects, you will have to deal with drying time issues. This is because less paint comes out and it’s accompanied by lots of air. That’s why I recommend the “quick change airbrush”. You can get lots of paint out without it drying and also you can switch colors really fast, which you can’t do with most kinds of airbrushes. This is important because then your paint isn’t drying while you change colors.

More info about this?

What is “Future” and what is it for?

If you have watched our airbrush video with galactic effects, one thing I put in my airbrush that is very strange is called “Future” It’s a clear liquid and it makes everything look magical. So what is it and where do you get it? It’s floor wax! It’s just liquid acrylic. It’s been used for a long time by model painters and I’m just bringing it to artists. Here’s more info:

and here’s more info about our class using Future.



Where do you get quick-change airbrushes in Canada?

The quick-change airbrush costs only $11 at the Harbor Freight website but they don’t ship to Canada or the UK. The best way is to have a friend in the US who will receive your package and re-ship it to you.

If you can’t do that, you can also search for the Master Airbrush Model E945

and maybe find a different source. That is the model number for the correct quick-change airbrush sold from places other than Harbor Freight. Remember you will need at least 5 brushes so you have enough bottles (which come with the airbrush).

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