Painting in black and white is a great way to keep your work simple while you are understanding new techniques. Anytime I am trying a new style or idea, I’ll start in black and white so that I can focus on what I’m learning instead of getting lost in complex colors. Black and white is also great for painting winter scenes and anything happening in the dark. Things that happen at night generally have much less color (unless there are other light sources that add color).

Painting in black and white also provides a challenge. Can you use only those 2 colors and create a picture? Then your skills are truly solid.

It’s important in spray paint art to have a strong black and white and a semi-transparent black and white. If your brand does not have these colors, it must at least be fine enough to create those effects by spraying a small amount very lightly to create a shade.

Check out some black and white pictures done with spray paint art and let me know what you think.

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