I think it would be fun to talk about some cool spray paint art styles that you can experiment with. We will talk about 2 different approaches to color today.

The first style is classic spacepainting. Gerardo Amor is one of the creators of these effects and in my (unbiased) opinion, he is the best. 

The planets are lush and 3D, the land and the sky come from the same color combinations that were sprayed at the beginning so they look united in one energy of movement. Gerardo was such a spiritual person of great depth and I think that comes through in the way he created this style. You can look into the universe and it feels alive and like you can see for miles. At least that’s how it makes me feel! (Can you tell I miss him so much.)

Learning to paint in this style might be all you need if you are looking for a way to express your feelings and improvise.

Cool Spray Paint Art Style 2

On the other hand, there are many more ways to do cool spray paint art paintings!

Here is another style. What makes this different besides the fact that they are spray paint flowers and a landscape?

It’s the order that the paint is applied. In Gerardo Amor’s style, the colors are applied in layers from light to dark. Black is the last layer and there is only a little bit of it where it’s needed.

In this style, the background colors are applied first and the mountain and the flowers are added on top of it. We don’t need layers of color at all to get these effects. They are all added on top of the background.

For the lilacs, I used makeup sponges and torn pieces of paper. 
For the mountain, I applied the black color on top of the sky background and then decorated it with a fan brush, makeup sponges, torn pieces of paper and other fun things I found around the house like dish sponges!

Check out the video.

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