Hola Amigo,

I’ve got a couple of things to share for your enjoyment.

First of all, some of you may not know that you can spray paint all winter!

There are 2 ways of doing that. Use a quick change airbrush and spray paint art techniques or use a water based spray paint such as Montana waterbased 300.

You will need some ventilation. You can use this cheap and easy one if you need an idea!

If you have any questions about getting set up to paint all winter, just press reply and let me know your thoughts.

Ok, second…here’s the December preview video! It’s a demo of some very cool techniques with some clues about how to do all the pretty things you can see there!

You can purchase videos here:https://spraypaintartsecrets.com/spray-paint-art-lessons-monthly-content/

And last but not least, I’m off to Mexico again to film lesson videos for you with Gerardo Amor. That means that response times will be a bit longer..usually about 3 days. I will respond, fix your issue, answer your questions…! I appreciate your patience. 

Also please know that a significant part of all sales will be going to helping Gerardo. Last year you helped him get a new roof that didn’t drip. (I’ll send a pic soon) Thanks for that!

This year we will be focusing on some dental work and car issues. So all purchases are greatly appreciated and will keep us going as we prepare another year of lessons for your enjoyment.

Interested in doing all this with your airbrush?

This is the place:http://airbrushpaintingsecrets.com

Questions, comments or pretty things to say? Email me, Alisa Amor, personally at [email protected]

See you inside…

Hasta Pronto,

Alisa Amor

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