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Trent Curnow, now a full time artist!

Hola Amigo,

I wanted to share what’s going on with one of our members. He’s become a full time artist and living his dream! Also teaching children.

Many of the people I have taught have gone on to free themselves and claim the life they really want. I’m always happy to hear about another one. I hope this will inspire you!

Check out what this guy is up to…he’s rocking it!

He quit his day job and is living the dream!
He quit his day job and is living the dream!

Hi Alisa… I made the leap and I’m now a full time artist! Thank you so much for all your lessons. Please check out my new page on Facebook. Montana Spraypainter. Thank you again! I’m living my dream. I’ve included some pics of my students and their work as well as some of my recent pieces. The joy in these kids faces is priceless. Your spark has ignited so much fire and passion. Thank you again and God bless you my friend!–Trent Curnow

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Teaching kids to paint!

If you would like to become a master of spray paint art and maybe even quit your day job like Trent, check this out!


If you would like to learn how to do all the spray paint art effects with a cheap airbrush, so you can paint indoors all winter…check this out.


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The Joy of painting!

I just want to mention…there are non-toxic, water-based spray brands out there which are wonderful! My favorite is Montana water-based 300. If you plan to work with children, please use these safe brands..or use them to protect your health!

Up till now I haven’t been able to recommend a water based brand because they just didn’t feel as good to me…but I am very satisfied with this brand. Please try it!

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The joy of sharing the love!

As always, I’m here to answer your questions and hear your ideas .Email me personally at [email protected]

See you inside…

Hasta Pronto,

Alisa Amor

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