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Hope you enjoy this video about how to draw an eye. Many of you ask me about how to paint an eye with spray paint art. And yes, we have some great videos on that in the Gold members area.

It’s really important to know the parts of an eye so you can make it really pop and look natural or super natural. This video will show you how.

My friend Wendi LaFey made this video for you at my request. She is a portrait artist among other things. If you have any ideas about things she could teach you that would be useful to you, please email me and tell me about them. I would love to get her more involved and she wants to learn more about spray paint. Some cool things could happen. Your requests would inspire her. So send them to me!

If you would like to learn more about spray paint art, check this out.


Want to learn how to do spray paint art with an airbrush? Go here:


Stay tuned. More free stuff coming soon!

Here’s part 2.

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