Spray Paint Art techniques are wonderful for painting murals however you don’t need to do them with actual spray paints. Once you understand the techniques and have made a sketch and a plan for your mural, you can use wall paint (indoor or outdoor) when painting large walls. 

Many of the techniques can be used as-is as long as you find bigger tools to work with.

Newspaper, fortunately, already comes in a big size. You can crumple up a bigger sheet to make the texture. The same is true for plastic bags. Garbage bags are easy to find and very big.

Other tools must be changed. For example, I wouldn’t use spray paint to cover a large area of the wall. It fills the air with paint dust. Plus, it’s expensive! I use paint rollers or big brushes to cover large areas. Paint rollers can also be used to paint large palm trees as they make perfect palm tree trunks when painting very large!

If you would have layered a large area of the painting to produce an effect, you may need to find a new way to do it because layering a large area of the wall is often not possible.

There is a huge library of techniques in the Gold membership area of Spray Paint Art Secrets. You can definitely find something that will work for your mural in there.

Definitely use spray paint art techniques for the things that can only be done that way and areas where you want a spray paint art look! I often use paint rollers for the background and add spray paint planets, waves and more.

And, if you can’t figure it out, you can always email me for advice.

I hope this was helpful and I look forward to seeing your murals!

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