Hola Amigo,

I’ve been experimenting with using spray paint art techniques for body painting this week. I like walking around with cosmic art on my body…feels good.

spray paint art body painting
spray paint art body painting

Of course you should not do this with spray paint cans! This is body paint. Only use non-toxic body paint on your body please!

I’m playing with this stuff for a whole bunch of reasons.

  1. I’m finding it really fun to walk around with body painting and it starts a lot of interesting conversations…
  2. I’m planning to join my friend Paloma in Costa Rica to do this in fairs..just as an excuse to do a project together and travel
  3. I’m going to film some lessons for you about it…if you are interested (let me know!)

So if you have suggestions or interest in spray paint art style body painting, just let me know your thoughts.

Much love,

Alisa Amor

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