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This month’s video lessons are perfect for those of you gearing up to make spray paint art a successful business this summer.

Gerardo Amor teaches you a simple and bright sunset painting that you can do with either acrylic paint and an airbrush or with spray paints. The techniques will work for both mediums.

Then Paloma teaches you a 9 minute spray paint jungle scene with a waterfall that is a reall seller when painting on the street.

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I help you learn to loosen up and let go of straight lines and improvise a complex looking space scene working on orange posterboard…but it will work fine on white posterboard as well. These techniques are the golden ticket to fine art applications and they will help you leave the amateur look behind for good!

Then I go over the beginnings of using spray paint art techniques to paint 3D objects such as models. You can get a lot of sales from having (somewhat heavy) things that you have painted on your display table or cloth to weigh down the corners of your artwork. People will get ideas and want you to paint things for them and you will be working for days after your fair or festival!

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I also begin to go over how to use these techniques to paint on leather. This is a strictly acrylic application since spray paint cans and cloth are not the best mix. But you can use the techniques with cloth paints and an airbrush with great effect. Having painted clothing and shoes for sale is very useful for earning money in areas where people are not accustomed to purchasing art, such as carnivals.


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