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We are using some cool new tools this month. I especially love the tool made out of newspaper that makes the trees and bushes. Hope you like it!



I’ve had many questions about how to use spray paint art techniques to paint murals. I’d like to give you a few tips to get started with that!

  1. Use water based house paint for large areas and spray paint materials only where absolutely needed for detail. You can do most backgrounds, planets, water, mountains etc without a can of spray paint by using sponges, newspaper and other tools to apply textured layers of paint. If you want to do small planets, certain water features and things that are much easier or only possible using spray paint art techniques, only use spray cans for those things and then add a top coat of sealer (with a brush when dry) to make the final look the same everywhere. This is cheaper, quicker, easier and healthier. 
  2. Make your tools bigger and consider using paint rollers on sticks, brushes on sticks for areas where it would be dangerous to use a ladder and for making unique shapes. Find or make bigger versions of your tools.
  3. Plan ahead! Bring drawings, sketches, pictures, colors tools that you have previously planned and thought through. This will make your life so much easier. Visualize yourself doing each step of your mural to make sure you have all the materials and ideas clear in your head before starting.
  4. Protect the area with drop cloths and fans to move any paint dust quickly out of the room. Use a mask with organic vapor cartridges and spray paint gloves when using spray paint indoors.

Become the artist of your dreams while having fun!

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