Spray paint art uses newspaper to create amazing textures. To get amazing textures, you need at least 2 layers of paint. More colors will make it more interesting. You can crinkle the newspaper a little or a lot and it will make different textures. This is one of the most fun parts of spray paint art!

Classic semi-stiff newspaper for Land

Newspaper comes in many varieties. There are stiff papers and soft papers. Magazine paper is similar. You can repurpose the junk mail catalogs you get. Often the paper is soft but glossy. This can work well for smooth land and trees.

You might know how to use newspaper to create land but did you know you can also do cave textures, trees and much more? It all depends on the size of the newspaper, how you fold it and where you hold it. Usually your fingers create the sharp lines by drawing from inside the paper. 

Done with many tiny little thumb marks inside the newspaper
Strips of folded newspaper

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