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Here are the new previews for March!

One of my students, George Baker, is a TV producer and he had the awesome idea to make a TV program, similar to Joy of Painting…but with Spray Paint Art, called “Painting with Amor” and we are doing a Kickstarter to fund it.

Check it out below, click on the play button, and please contribute if you think it’s a great idea! There are wonderful prizes. Watch the improved version of the Kickstarter video here (where my face is not green)…soon to be posted and become a part of the excitement here.

Want to Learn Spray Paint Art? Here’s the sweet spot to get videos:


Want to do all this with your cheap airbrush? Check this out:


I’m enjoying Mexico, my friends and filming spray paint art so much that I’ve decided to stay longer. Also it lets me make more progress on helping Gerardo with his house. This week we are making the roof truly waterproof. I’ll be here till March 10…so email response will continue to be a bit slow until then. I appreciate your patience!

We are seriously into filming some cool new stuff for you!

Questions, comments? Email me, Alisa Amor, personally at [email protected]

See you inside,

Hasta Pronto,

Alisa Amor

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