How do you go from struggling to make nice planets with spray paint to becoming a professional artist painting for galleries?

By learning from a Mentor who has done just that and more!

Check this out

When I met Gerardo Amor, I thought I could paint and draw a bit but it would take me ages to finish a picture and it certainly wasn’t fine art. Gerardo showed me a technique that used spray paint. He could paint ANYTHING in just 5 minutes! Then he had lots of time to just chill out and enjoy himself!

I learned from him, and quickly I began painting on the Puerto Vallarta boardwalk and making an easy living selling art to tourists.

In that time, the techniques were kept a strict secret. Gerardo only taught me because we were in love! (I was married to him for 15 years) And it took me years to learn ,remember, and organize all the techniques and tricks that he knew.

But today we are making these techniques available in video form so that more people like YOU can learn too!

So to begin with, check out this high value FREE painting lesson.

Let me know what you think.

If you want to learn how to take your spray paint art to the next level and begin to paint like a professional artist, Mexican style

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    2 replies to "Spray Paint Art Lessons- Gerardo Amor, Spray Paint Originator"

    • Masami

      Hi, i’ve just started to learn how to paint on wood.I apliepd gesso on a plywood but when i start sketching on it, the pencil’s lead scratched the gesso and took off some of it.It’s the same when i tried to erase some sketches with the eraser, the pencil line will still be there.Instead, it’s the gesso being taken off.I waited for the gesso to dry before i sketch on it.How do i do it correctly?

      • Alisa

        Hi Mamasi, how thin a coat of gesso did you apply? How long did you let it dry? How hard are you drawing with your pencil? Is the plywood smooth or rough before you paint it?–Alisa

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