I have exciting news. Really exciting actually.

I’ve been thinking for weeks about how to create a month of super useful spray paint art lesson videos

Well, I did it!

I immediately went to work, picking and editing the most useful variety of videos I have ever put together.

Including stuff I only have shared with my closest spray paint art friends. . . the stuff that other spray artists only dream of doing!

I am putting the finishing touches on the videos today, but here’s what you need to do immediately:

First, check out the video (or link) below and see if this month is a fit for you.

Then go to www.spraypaintartsecrets.com

and sign up as a basic or Gold member and start learning all this ground breaking stuff!

Sign up now while you still have access to this months content for another week!


    2 replies to "Spray Paint Art Lessons: you in?"

    • Marci

      I’m in. I would welcome videos as I have downloaded several select lessons and it has been very helpful having them available at my painting site following along with your instructions. You and Gerardo make it look so easy but it takes patience, and repetition to get it right. Having a video at the ready, in my opinion would be a great tool to get the how to etched in my memory. Needless to say I have been struggling to get certain aspects down pat.

      Alisa you are doing a terrific job teaching and I certainly appreciate you and Gerardo. Thanks Much 🙂

      • Alisa

        Hi Marci, yes, you are already in! It does take time to learn the techniques, that is completely normal. I’m here if you have any questions…a little guidance goes a long way to make it easier! Don’t forget to ask questions about things you are struggling with!–Alisa

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