Hola Amigo,

Thanks so much for your reply to the survey! You shared so many interesting and sweet details about your experience with spray paint art and our video lessons. I am still reading all the responses but I am seeing a few patterns that surprised me. I am going to start answering some of the most popular questions. Here are 2 that popped out at me this week.

Question: Where do you get your paint and paper? 

Answer: I get my paint from https://www.sprayplanet.com

You can sign up for a wholesale account if you tell them you are an “art business”. I think being a working artist qualifies. Then, if you are willing to buy in bulk, you can get water based spray paint for about $4 a can. 

Unfortunately they have raised their minimum purchase requirement to $500. But for that you get enough paint to last for years at a great price! If there are people that want to buy wholesale but don’t want to make such a huge purchase, I suggest teaming up with other people in your area to make a purchase together. You can go to this facebook pagehttps://www.facebook.com/Spray-Paint-Art-Secrets-247241311992313/

And look for others in your area. 

If that sounds like too much work, they do have packages of smaller cans that are a pretty good deal.

I have no connection to them by the way.

I use many different kinds of paper. The most recent kinds I have explored are Yupo, Mighty Board and prepared water color paper. I will tell you more about paper in the next newsletter.

Question: How can I learn to paint waves? It’s driving me crazy!

Answer: Yeah, it takes a while to get that to work but once you do it’s like riding a bike and you get to have fun improvising cool looking waves everywhere. I do have videos in the membership area that take you step by step from drawing a wave to painting a simple wave and then to all the more complicated waves in the gold membership area. 

If you have tried all this and are still scratching your head, I’m here to help! You can send me videos, pictures, questions etc to help figure out what is going wrong. Just send your questions to [email protected]

Much love, Alisa

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