When you are working with stencils with spray paint art, it’s not just the stencil, it’s what you do with it.

When I lived in Puerto Vallarta Mexico and painted on the Malecon, we used to paint ballerinas with a stencil. They were always the same but it always sold well, so we kept making them. I never thought of them as art. That’s why I used to think that spray paint art stencils were a cop out. I thought that a real painter wouldn’t need stencils, they should be able to free hand everything. I’ve totally changed my mind. 

spray paint art stencil of a ballerina
ballerina spray paint art stencil

Stencils are actually an awesome tool that you can use to make unlimited textures and figures. There is so much cool stuff that you can do when you make stencils that I didn’t know about. Stay tuned for stencil making tips in another blog post.

There are also ways of adding shading and texture to the stencil that make it truly artistic. We will talk about this part today!

Here is an example of the stencil work you can learn this month inside the membership area. This buddah uses stencils in a couple of different ways. 

spray paint art stencil of a Buddha

I use a “decorator” stencil for texture and shading. What is a “decorator” stencil? It’s anything that makes a cool pattern. If you go to Amazon and search on “stencil” you will see all kinds of interesting things to play with. 

spray paint art stencils for texture

These spray paint art stencil patterns are useful for adding texture and shading.

You can use them with semi-transparent spray paint colors to control where the paint goes and how it looks when you add a little shadow to a landscape, or to the cheekbones of this buddah. You can also use them to add some cool looking designs.

more spray paint art stencil textures

I thought this particular stencil reminded me of a foreign language, so I added it here and there as a bright accent that looks slightly like text.

Once you’ve added a figure with a stencil, you can use many things to add detail. Some include adding detail with a paint brush, with oil pastels, with charcoal and much much more. To learn how to do this, get a basic or Gold membership to check out the full lesson video for this painting!

Much love, Alisa Amor

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