Sorry for the late letter/post this week. I have been traveling quite a bit and I caught a bad cold. Of course, I got paranoid that it might be the dreaded coronavirus but thankfully my symptoms are just runny nose and a grumpy mood. No cough or fever. So it’s all good. I just needed to rest and drink tea.

Water-Based Spray Paint!

It did get me thinking about spray painters and the coronavirus. One of the most important things in resisting this virus is to have a strong immune system. If you are painting with lots of solvents, you could be weakening your immunity! That’s why I really want to encourage you, as an artist, to find non-toxic materials.

In the world of spray paint, the two best options that I have found are spray paints with only acetone and spray paints that are water-based. Check your brand’s ingredients and make sure it doesn’t have a mess of other toxic solvents. You can google your brand and it’s ingredients.

Water-Based Spray Paint!

There is a website (I have no connection to them) where you can get both water-based spray paint and acetone-based spray paint. If you contact them before buying anything and ask for a wholesale account, you can get incredible prices (Under $5 a can!) if you are willing to buy in bulk. If you have any questions about what to get, you can hit reply and ask me personally.

I’m focusing on water-based spray paint from now on since I have decided to give up using solvents, so there will be lots of cool stuff you can learn if you do decide to go water-based or use airbrush paints for your work. Check out the “This Month’s Videos” above to see the water-based spray paint lessons in action and sign up to learn how to use them!

I hope this inspires and helps you as an artist and a healthy person.

Much love, Alisa

    2 replies to "Spray Paint Artists and The Coronavirus"

    • Jax

      Sorry you’re feeling poorly but glad it’s not the Corona virus. Take good care, rest up and drink lots of tea. Best to you :-). Jax

    • Rick Fauci

      Hope your feeling better. Thank you for the “real” advice reguarding the dangers of using spray paint with toxic ingredients.
      Im a professional commercial and residential painter , living in Las Vegas. I use all kinds of paints and stains, and varnishes,
      Needless to say i wear a respirator for every type of paint or coating. Reguardless if its solvent , oil, or water base.
      I have been respecting and apreciating your work for a couple years now. Love what you do. Love your passion for it. Grateful that you are willing to share your knowledge and techniques.
      Just wanted to thank you and let you know that your much appreciated.

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