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I realize that many of you know about the basic materials of spray paint art, but I get so many questions!

The most popular ones are about paper and the painting spatula we use…so watch this video and below I´ll explain a little bit about the materials.

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So the paper we paint on is a glossy thick posterboard. You can get posterboard at many office supply stores in the US, like Staples.  You can also usually find it at Walmart. A digital printer will usually have some too..but you have to describe it to them and sometimes cut it yourself.

The little knife we use is called a spatula in Mexico but in the US they call it a palette knife. You can get these at any reasonably stocked art store. Try different sizes for different effects. The most common size used in spray paint art is around 1 inch long with a slight curve at the top. Others will also work.

Just FYI, you can do spray paint art all winter! There are 2 ways. One is with water based spray paint like Montana waterbased 300. The other is to do it with an airbrush. Learn more at www.airbrushpaintingsecrets.com

Check out this page to learn how to build yourself a cheap ventilation system that you can use with any water based paint.


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Spray Paint Art Lessons Monthly Content

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