Hola Amigas and Amigos,

When I was in Mexico this last time filming some videos for you, I had the opportunity to paint on the Malecon (Boardwalk) of Puerto Vallarta with Gerardo Amor.

Some folks dressed in black with a vampiric attitude stopped by and asked me if I could paint something really “dark”

Before you watch the video, I want you to remember to notice the different effects I used to create a dark atmosphere. For example, to begin with, I used only black, white and red. I painted a skull with glowing eyes, notice how I give the scull a scaly texture. Also, check out some of the dripping “blood on the walls” stuff I throw-in at the end.

When you are ready to learn how to take your spray paint art to the next level check this out:

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OK, here’s the video

You can sign up for great instructional videos here that go into much greater detail and slow it down for you:

See you inside,

Alisa Amor

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