When you are painting with spray paint or airbrush, it’s very important to protect your health by having adequate ventilation. 

My favorite way is to used a forced air system. That means that I have a mask on that is blowing fresh air from outside, into my face. It feels really nice and it’s better protection than a mask with filters.

Up till now those systems cost between $200 to $400, so quite expensive. But now, due to Covid 19, I’m seeing small portable forced air systems on amazon! I’m sure they have them elsewhere if you look. I haven’t tried them yet, but I’m intrigued.

If you are interested, search on “supplied air system” or “forced air system”. There are some interesting cheap options. I think they would require some modification for use as a painting respirator. You would have to paint near a window for example and put the air source outside. Maybe you would have to find a way to make the mask fit better if it’s flimsy. Although from reading the reviews, it seems many of these work quite well as they are.

If you do try them, please let me know what you think!

We have a free page with a list of many spray paint and airbrush ventilation options here:https://spraypaintartsecrets.com/safety-and-ventilation/

I just want to highlight one other important issue because it’s so important to your safety!

Spray paint ventilation is slightly different from airbrush ventilation when you are using solvent based paint. This is because solvent based paint can actually explode if it encounters a spark! If you are using motors to remove the paint, you can set your studio and yourself on fire! That’s why it’s super important not to use solvent based spray paint inside or with motors (like fans). 

Water Based Spray Paint Art

Luckily, there are now water based spray paint options that are just as good or better than the solvent based ones! See our materials list for details.

If you are curious about what I use, here it is:

Yes, it’s a little expensive (around $400) , but you don’t have to replace filters and you breathe fresh outdoor air while you paint! It’s really wonderful. You don’t even have to have the mask super tight on your face creating wrinkles because the air comes out so powerfully that, unless you are surrounded by heavy paint dust, even a loose fit is enough to make sure all you are breathing is the air from outside.

BreatheCool Supplied Air System

I mention this because I know it’s hard to find masks right now and I sometimes get questions about what to use when spray paint masks are not available. 

I hope this has been helpful. Please stay safe!

-Alisa Amor

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