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If you haven’t seen the new June previews …check this out!

OK, on to the good stuff…painting with plastic. 

There are many kinds of plastic and they all crinkle differently. 

There are plastic bags from the supermarket, the ones that you put vegetables in, the ones they give you your stuff in, the ones that you buy for food storage, garbage etc, etc. 

Spray Paint Textures

Plastic is terrible for the environment and hopefully this stuff won’t be around forever to be used…but while it’s here, you can use it for art. Better yet, there are biodegradable bags that look like plastic…I’m going to get some and try them instead!

The magic of plastic are the crinkles. Each crinkly surface becomes a beautiful texture when you brush the plastic over a few layers of spray paint or airbrushed paint. You can then use them to create galaxies, planets or whatever your imagination comes up with. 

One very cool trick that most people don’t know is that you can wind the plastic bags around your palette knives and use them to stamp textures and paint patterns into your painting. This is a great way to make pine trees.

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