Stencils, do you like them? Do you use them? Are they cheating?

I have been painting and filming furiously for you. Some of the most popular requests I have gotten are, 

1. How do I use/make stencils?

2. How can I spray and draw in a more realistic style?

3. Can you show me how to paint Buddahs and other spiritual themes?

When you use stencils, it’s ok to play a little bit! 

You can combine 2 kinds of stencils. A stencil that is a thing, like a buddah face, figure, animal etc and a stencil that is used for texure.

The stencil of a thing is usually something that you would make at home. I use several different kinds of paper. Each has advantages and disadvantages. I have used poster board, yupo paper, and mighty board. Both yupo and mighty board are plastic type papers. They rip much less and they last a long time. They are harder to find. Poster board is fine, and usually it’s easy to get. I’ll talk more about making stencils in another post.

There are ways to use texture stencils to add shading and highlights.

I like to get packages of “decorator stencils” online and anywhere I find them. These can be used to add shadow and highlights to, well, anything!

Stencils on Amazon

Here is an example of a stencil of a buddah with shading by these decorator stencils. Oh, by the way, this is on canvas.

Spray Paint Art Buddah

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