If you’ve seen the videos of spray paint artists from Rome, you’ve probably wondered what is the tool that they use to make those bushes and trees. They are using something amazing!

There are a lot of ways of making foliage quickly. The most important part of the tool is that it is a semi circle, very absorbent, and has a detailed texture.

Some options are puffs made of cut newspaper, different kinds of sponges cut into shapes, and pieces cut from deck painting pads.

If I had to guess, in this video, it looks like they use a sweat sock placed around a cardboard shape with a foam sponge inside. I’ll have to do some experiments.

Here are some pics of landscape tool effects.

    2 replies to "The Famous Landscape Tool"

    • Willie

      Yaaaay Lisa .. thank you, you’re amazing.. the guy in the video had a can flip move that was entertaining..
      it was hard to tell what the tools were.. but you can guess. Thank you, prayers hugs blessings. Willie

      • alisaamor

        Hi Willie, I’m doing some experiments to see if I can figure it out or improve on it. I hope to share them soon!–Alisa

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