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Painting very wet is a great way to make things that are watery or airy. It is one of the most useful spray paint art techniques.

Spray paint art techniques using transparent to paint a nebula.

You can swirl wet paint, blow it around, drag it and then let it settle. Obviously, this is a great way to make actual water! It’s also useful for making galaxies and nebulas that look natural and realistic. The clear coat, water, or other liquid you use to create these effects is very important. 

If you want to experiment with water-based spray paint or you are painting with regular acrylics, you can experiment with water, Windex, Pledge Future, and Simple Green mixed with water. Each of these will give you a different effect. 

We have tutorials in the Airbrush area of the membershiparea that feature these techniques to create galaxies and nebulas such as these.

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