The most common question I get is “what kind of paper do you use for spray paint art.” 

There are many kinds of paper that will work. So let’s talk about what kind of surfaces are good for spray paint art and how to prepare canvas, wood and other surfaces so that they work the same as our favorite papers.

This painting is on “sulfatada”, a Mexican poster board.

What kind of papers work? The paper has to be glossy, but not as glossy as photo paper. It has to be thick enough to not wrinkle. I like getting paper fro a digital printers shop because they usually have a wide selection.

I also love painting on canvas, wood, and prepared art papers such as watercolor paper. Yupo is also a great option.

This painting is on Yupo.

To prepare any surface for spray paint art, use gesso plus acrylic gloss mixed to your favorite proportions. More gloss = more shiny. More gesso = more opaque and absorbent. It’s up to you to find your favorite mixture. Feel free to sand it or not depending on your taste. Personally I am enjoying leaving texture in my prepared surfaces.

Here is the cheapest and easiest poster board to find. Get it at Staples, Walmart, CVS, and many other places. Make sure it’s shiny!

Alternatively, you can paint on people’s bodies!

Learn more here:

I hope this helps!

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