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This is Alisa Amor from Spray Paint Art Secrets.

Did you ever want to just get stuff for free?

Here’s how you can do that today!

As some of you know I’m on a road trip across the Southern US right now I’m away from a good internet connection most of the time so I can’t update the Spray Paint Art Secrets membership site as much as I usually do.

That’s why I’ve posted the August videos early, they are up now, and I will leave July’s content up an extra week as well. It will take that long for me to have internet again. (I have an iphone for important email questions, but really can’t edit the site with that)


Check out this months content here: http://youtu.be/UzEImZJhKVI


or click on the picture below to watch it….

So if you sign up as a Basic member today, you will get 1 month of extra videos to download immediately!

Take advantage of it and sign up as a basic member here 

That means, for about 14 days, starting today, NEW Basic members will get 25 videos plus an e-book! For only $27! You also have access to the acrylic setup videos…so it all adds up to

That’s less than $1 per video….that is the absolute cheapest they ever were or will be. For the next 14 days. You can’t go wrong with that!

These are the cutting edge spray paint art videos that will help you take your skills to the next level. And free your inner artist! Plus you get all the acrylic setup videos so you can learn to do paint spray paint art techniques with regular acrylic paint and a cheap$12 airbrush.

Just remember to download everything immediately before I get internet access again!

Take advantage of my being away and sign up today  to get access to an extra month of videos!

Sign up here 

This is a once in a blue Tennessee moon thing.

See you inside!

Hasta Pronto (see you soon),

Alisa Amor

Sign up here  www.spraypaintartsecrets.com




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