Hola Amigo,

If you are an artist looking for some new spray paint art style tips and tricks, your reading this email, probably wondering when we are going to get to the cool stuff…

Well, here you go!

You asked for galaxies and landscapes. I worked hard to come up with new lessons based on the pictures and ideas you sent me. To make it easy and explain the good stuff step by step.

Here’s a quick taste in blue of two of the video lessons I just filmed for you. You’ll be learning all this cool stuff and much more in the coming months.

To sign up for these spray paint art lessons, please visit www.spraypaintartsecrets.com

To learn how to do all these techniques with an airbrush please visit www.airbrushpaintingsecrets.com

(By the way, if you are a Basic or Gold member, you can still get the airbrush videos at a discount! The link is in the membership menu once you log in.)

I’ll send a preview of this months videos soon….

I welcome your comments and questions, please email me at [email protected]

Here’s a quick taste of what you can learn in the coming months when you become a basic or Gold member of  Spray Paint Art Secrets.

spray paint art secrets blue nebulaspray paint art secrets blue pines

See you inside…

Hasta Pronto

Alisa Amor

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