The palette knife or spatula is used in spray paint art to create many effects. It creates lines and shapes almost magically when you know how to use it. There are many sizes and shapes of palette knife and it’s good to experiment with as many as you can get your hands on. 

This one is good for drawing wide lines which are useful for portraits among other things.

large palette knife for portraits in Spray Paint Art
Face done with large palette knife

This one is good for sharp lines and peaks like the castles on top of mountains so popular in spray paint art.

Medium sized palette knife
Also good for drawing peaks
Fun with the palette knife

If you press down just right as you draw, you can make shadows and highlights at the same time. It does take some practice and knowing just where you want the light colors and dark colors to be.

It’s important to create many layers of color to get the nicest effects when carving the paint away. The paper you use can make a difference. Some paper absorbs the colors of the paint more and the result of carving reveals a slight tint. This tends to look better to my eye than bright white.

Gerardo Amor was a master of the palette knife. We are blessed to have his tutorial on spatula and newspaper in the members area of

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